Tentatively optimistic

I can’t begin to tell you WHY this is the case, but after some tweaking and removing it from the sub-menu of Calendar, it seems the Submit an Event page works again!

I know, but I’m not questioning it.  Gift horse, and all.  If it stops working again, please feel free to let me know.  Meanwhile, go forth!  Use it!  Advertise your gigs and get more audience members!  Let’s DO this!

–your friendly neighborhood SoCal CASA Ambassador

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Watch Premiere’s new music video!

Premiere is excited to release our first music video, for our rendition of “Woman” (originally by Joy Williams). This song is a female empowerment anthem, and with this video, we aimed to explore many facets of womanhood and showcase how limitless women are.

Watch on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0sIIuvW8KQ

This video was produced by Danny Olefsky of The Vocal Company; the song was produced by Bri Holland and mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

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Premiere releases new single!

Premiere is thrilled to release our third single, “Woman” (originally by Joy Williams)! The song is available on:

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Got WordPress-fu? I need your help!

You may have noticed that the Submit page doesn’t work right now…  and hasn’t for months…if not over a year.

Your friendly neighborhood Ambassador has been saying for all that time that I just haven’t had time to do it and I’d get around to it soon, but “soon” seems to always be in the future.

If you have website acumen and WordPress-Fu and would be willing to donate some time to fixing this issue, I’d GREATLY appreciate it!  Just send me an e-mail at ambassador@socalcasa.info and we’ll get this thing workin’ again!  Thanks!


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New a cappella podcast: Acageekz

The embassy received an e-mail from Sean Gorecki.  Rather than summarize what he said, we’re gonna go ahead and let him tell you about his new project:

AcaGeekz is a podcast where every week I channel my inner D.J. to bring you some of the greatest a cappella out there.  I hope to expand to include interviews with AcaLuminaries, as well as AcaTips and spotlight features, but in order to do that, I need people to listen to the show.

That’s where you come in!  It would really mean a lot if you would check out the show, maybe even throw a shout out and a link on your social media platforms.  It would also help a ton if you would write a nice review through iTunes and/or Stitcher.  It’s super easy and drastically helps boost the show’s ranking in the directories.  Plus, it’s a fun show that I think you’ll really enjoy!
Here are the links.  If you want to write a review, you’ll need to have iTunes or the Stitcher ap, which are quick and easy to get.
AcaGeekz Homepage
AcaGeekz Homepage
AcaGeekz on iTunes
AcaGeekz on Stitcher (Available on Android and IOS devices)

AcaGeekz is also searchable in both directories if you prefer!
I would greatly appreciate any love you could throw my way!  And please keep in touch!

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Premiere raises money for next single!

Premiere is an all-female contemporary group based in Los Angeles, and we’re raising money for our new single “Woman”! Originally by Joy Williams, the song perfectly captures our powerful sound and message of female empowerment. We’ve already recorded the vocals with Bri Holland, and we’re looking forward to shooting our first full music video in July, with Danny Olefsky of The Vocal Company. The money raised through this campaign will go toward the costs of recording the audio and video. We really believe in this message of powerful women and we’re excited to share it with a wider audience via video. Any support is much appreciated! You can donate at GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/premiereacappella

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Blindside is looking for a winning tenor! (LA area)

Blindside is a five-person a cappella group (4 guys + 1 girl) and we’re looking to fill out our lineup! As the name implies, we like to hit you out of nowhere with unexpected original arrangements, creative live performances, and a fun social media presence. We focus on contemporary rock/pop covers but won’t shy away from the right classics, comedy tunes, or even originals. We’re silly. Friendly. Sexy. And then some…

Two of our members were in a previous (pretty successful) group together and have a few connections for gigs, so we’re trying to get ready for some coming up in the next few months. This includes HARMONY SWEEPSTAKES on April 2nd!!!

We already have our 3 songs chosen for Harmony Sweepstakes so we’ll need you to learn those over the next few months. Beyond that though, anything goes! Come join our team and help us make a splash at this contest!

What we’re looking for:

  • One talented TENOR – we’ll know the right fit when we hear it. Strong solo chops need to be balanced against the ability to pull back into the chord and harmonize with the whole.

While note essential… arranging ability, basic music theory, beatbox skills, and previous a cappella experience is a definite PLUS! Most important, though? Your attitude! We’re looking for members who have a strong work ethic and are passionate about their craft, but who also enjoy singing on street corners or in restaurants for no other reason than it’s fun.

Bottom line — we are looking for personable, sexy, genuine people with a love for music — and great senses of humor. We need people who can improvise and are team players (NO divas). If you like to sing, laugh, and shock people… we’re looking for you!

Time Commitment:

Blindside rehearses once a week in the Hollywood/LA area for three hours (day to be determined once we know everyone’s schedule). Additional or alternate rehearsals may be scheduled before performances based on availability. Must be flexible for gigging since that will be a focus of the group. Pay will only come from booking paid performances, which we hope to be doing as a cohesive group by the end of this year!

Think you might be the right fit? Contact us with the following:

  • Basic info: tell us about yourself, your experience, and your passions
  • Photo(s) that show off your look and attitude
  • Audio or video sample(s) of you singing

After we receive your materials, we will contact you to schedule an audition.

Contact us at blindsidesings@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Auditions for new group (Gardenia)

I received this e-mail:

New group forming in Gardenia.  Electronic influenced like Arora or The Boxettes.  Website here for audition information:


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Become a member of CASA and get “sing 12: THIS BIG!” for free

Sign up as a member today and you can download sing 12 before it becomes available to the general public.


1) Enter Sandman

Artist: Restated

album: unreleased

soloist(s): Candice Helfand-Rogers

arranger(s): Joe Power, Mardie Cohen


2) Bang Bang

Artist: Note-Oriety

album: Note-Oriety

soloist(s): Jessie Dunnavant, Amanda Mason, Laine Hodges

arranger(s): Zoe Elizabeth McCray


3) Life Round Here

Artist: Lady Jaye

album: FLUX

soloist(s): Selame Scarlett, Brianne Holland, Samantha James, Happiness Chijioke, Ariel Arbisser. Rap by Brianne Holland

arranger(s): Brianne Holland


4) Rather Be

The Vocal Foundation

album: Digital Singles

soloist(s): Angela Ugolini

arranger(s): Tat Tong


5) Maybe I’m Just Tired

Artist: Bare Naked Statues

album: Exposed

soloist(s): John Holland

arranger(s): Mark Ofreneo, ed Tom Anderson


6) Left Right Down


album: Und du so …?!

soloist(s): Linda Jesse

arranger(s): Unduzo


7) Václavák

Artist: SKETY

album: SKETY

soloist(s): Štěpán Janoušek

arranger(s): Petr Wajsar


8) Isabella of Castile

Eric & Yassee

album: Single

soloist(s): Eric Scholz, Yassee Mohebbi

arranger(s): Eric Scholz


9) Hollow Drum

Artist: Hoos in Treble

album: Pink Pumps

soloist(s): Rhody Mastin

arranger(s): Nan Macmillan


10) Evolve

Artist: Reverb

album: Evolve

soloist(s): Taylor Lovejoy

arranger(s): Skip Stradtman, Alex Mendez


11) The Other Side

Artist: Cognitive Resonance

album: Eventide

soloist(s): Kristen Clyburn, Shriya Soora

arranger(s): Dave Sroka


12) Flickering Flame

Artist: Forte

album: Uncharted Heart

soloist(s): Micaela McCall

arranger(s): Robert Dietz


13) Crazy In Love

Artist: Off the Beat

album: Audio Eden

soloist(s): Susanna Lustbader

arranger(s): Jasmine Barksdale


14) Come Into My Head

Artist: Faux Paz

album: Faux Paz

soloist(s): Lynique Webster

arranger(s): Michael Brisentine, Lynique Webster, Brandom Schatt


15) Life Support

Artist: OneVoice

album: Starry Eyed

soloist(s): Anna Jones, Austin McElveen

arranger(s): Robert Dietz


16) Only When I Walk Away

Artist: Ithacappella

album: Stages

soloist(s): Dan Purcell

arranger(s): Dan Purcell, Mark Farnum


17) Rude

Artist: Accent

album: Accent

soloist(s): Danny Fong, Simon Åkesson

arranger(s): Simon Åkesson


18) Other Plans

Artist: Coco’s Lunch

album: Single

soloist(s): Lisa Young, Jacqueline Gawler

arranger(s): Lisa Young


19) My Future Self

Artist: Postyr

album: SONOrdic

soloist(s): Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning, Line Groth

arranger(s): Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning, Line Groth, Andreas Bech


20) Raindrops – Morten Bytofte Remix

Artist: Vocal Group SONO

album: SONOrdic

soloist(s): N/A

arranger(s): Line Groth (Morten Bytofte Remix)


21) Stop This Train

Artist: The Scattertones

album: Being Young

soloist(s): India Carney

arranger(s): India Carney


22) SHE

album: Vocal Australia Collaborative Recordings Vol 1

soloist(s): Claire Patti, Merrily Hansen, Ginger Hansen, Georgie Walton

arranger(s): Nicholas Girard


23) Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Artist: The Sons of Pitches

album: The Sons of Pitches

soloist(s): Joe Novelli, Joe Belham

arranger(s): Joe Novelli, Ademide Adenaike, Joe Belham, Max Dickerson, Joe Hinds, Jamie Hughes, Josh Mallett


24) Givin Em What They Love

Artist: Men In Drag

album: Single

soloist(s): Lekha Nair

arranger(s): Brianne Holland


25) Gone

Artist: The Exchange

album: Pursuit

soloist(s): Alfredo Austin, Aaron Sperber, Jamal Moore

arranger(s): Alfredo Austin

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Voxel Rox audition notice (Venice, CA)

Calling all creative singers who love to collaborate, innovate, and get down to original beats! Voxel Rox is an eclectic co-ed a cappella ensemble based out of Venice, CA, currently auditioning all vocal parts, including vocal percussion. If you see yourself performing as an instrumental vocalist and groovin’ to the music, contact us now at: audition@voxelrox.com.

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