Looking For Groups For “Give A Helping Paw” Benefit Concert On Sept 9th!

I received this e-mail from Sean P. Gorecki (contact info below):

Looking For Groups For “Give A Helping Paw” Benefit Concert On Sept 9th!

I’m reaching out because I’m working to put together an all a cappella concert to raise $17,000 for a little boy to get a service dog that could save his life.  Being blind myself, I know what it means to need a helping hand now and then, so I try to do my part and help others.

Here’s the history.  Last July, I learned about a seven-year-old boy named Tyler.  He is low-functioning autistic, completely non-verbal, and to top it off, has diabetes.  Due to his inability to speak, he can’t let anybody know when his blood sugar is low or he’s feeling sick.  Even with constant vigilance, he’s nearly died several times in the past year alone.  His parents have lost jobs, and even a home trying to keep him safe, and at last report, they are living in a hotel.

That story alone would be enough to make this worthwhile.  But as I mentioned, I heard about Tyler a year ago and got involved with an organization that was trying to help him.  He and his family have been given promise after promise and it seems there is no headway in Tyler receiving a service dog that could sense when he is at risk of seizures and get him the help he needs.  I think it’s high time to pull out all the stops and finally get Tyler his dog, and his family on the road to stability.

I’m hoping to have a few different groups share the stage and I’d very much like for your group to be a part of it!

I’ve reserved the Hermosa Beach Community Theatre, where the L.A. Regional Harmony Sweepstakes takes place every year, for Saturday, September 9.  The show is being called the ”Give A Helping Paw” Benefit Concert.

I hope you’ll join me in doing not a random, but an intentional act of kindness for a little boy whose life could be saved with a four-legged miracle.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at seanapella@gmail.com or call me at (815) 451-3973

I hope to hear from you soon!


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