Jewish a capella singers sought for paid gigs (LA)

Hi! I’m the producer of Pella <>, an events a cappella group. We improvise Jewish and pop music at parties, strolling tables and getting guests to sing along. It’s great fun and keeps you in great singing shape!

We’re growing a bit in LA and need new talent. To be clear, our singers can be a member of another a cappella group; Pella doesn’t conflict with other group commitments. What we do is draw from a pool of singers on an availability basis.

Can you recommend any Jewish singers who have some chops and want to be paid to sing? Or help me to do outreach? Some Jewish/Hebrew background a plus. College students welcome.

Our next event calls for all male singers and it’s split between Fri night Oct 11 and Sat noon Oct 12.

Other male and co-ed gigs to follow.


Jordan B. Gorfinkel

(646) 242-GORF (4673)

AIM & SKYPE: jbgorf

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